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Create your next, best ever shot on the most realistic waterproof, stain resistant and lightweight photography surfaces in the market

Realistic Photography Backdrops

If you're a food photographer, stylist, fashion, beauty, or product photographer, choose from hundreds of professional must-have photography backdrops for your next, best ever shot. 

Create your own mini-studio at home or on the go with Best Ever Backdrops.

Lightweight, virtually indestructible, stain resistant, & waterproof, all backdrops come with FREE Shipping (contig 48) and ALWAYS in stock.

We offer 3 standard sizes:

24 x 24" portable photography backdrops with two textures of your choice.

36 x 24"single-sided backdrops or choose double-sided backdrops.

We are also pleased to introduce our new double-sided vinyl backdrops.

Or select our oversized backdrops 36 x 46" great for backsplashes or the perfect table-setting shot.

Custom backdrops are also available!

At Best Ever Backdrops® you'll find the best food photography backgrounds and photo surfaces curated by pros to make you look like a pro. Take it from award-winning photographer Skyler Burt of We Eat Together and shoot on his exclusive collection of surfaces he created for Best Ever Backdrops.


Shop Double-Sided Rigid surfaces



Curated Collections: 2 Backdrops/4 Surfaces


24 x 36" - Single-Sided Rigid Collection

Single-Sided Collection

Mix & Match Oversized Backdrops & Backsplashes

Shop Oversized

Portable Photography Backdrops -24 x 24

Portable Photograhy Backdrops
Portable Photography Backdrops -24 x 24

Oversized Backrops - The Collections

Oversized Collections

Custom Backdrops

Create My Custom Backdrop

Visit The Bite Shot to learn about Food Photography from Joanie Simon.

Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot on Best Ever Backdrops


Hi! I'm Sally and my blog is Good Dinner Mom.  I live in Sandy, Utah and received my first set last week and have already ordered a second set that should arrive today :). I haven't started photographing with the boards yet but plan on my first session tomorrow!  Love my boards and the wonderful, personal service at Best Ever Backdrops.

I am blown away!!! ordered yesterday and they arrived Next Day Air TODAY!!! 🤯 Waiting to open them tomorrow so I can share unveiling in my stories. Free shipping is Next Day Air?!?!?! Too cool!️️️  

Sally Humaniuk, Good Dinner Mom

I got to work with these during the Foodie Bootcamp and INSTANTLY fell in love!!! Having worked with heavy wood and marble backdrops that required Popeye muscles, these truly blew my mind!

Super lightweight and absolutely gorgeous, it’s no surprise that these were the big hit at the Bootcamp.

I just ordered 2 different backdrop sets and can’t wait to get them! 

Lori Monte, The Kitchen Whisperer

Just a quick note to let you know that my client LOVES the backdrops we ordered for our shoot in Sept. It was a really big shoot (seven restaurants) and they were lightweight, durable, stain resistant and so easy to use... not to mention, they look gorgeous. It was so nice to work with them. 

Regan Baroni

 Hi, I am Sri and I blog at Vidhya’s Home Cooking.  I share vegan and vegetarian recipes. I won the backdrops at the everything food blogging conference last month and I started using them. Simply love these boards. Finally, waterproof and weightless boards!

Srividhya Gopalakrishnan, Vidhya's Home Cooking



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