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How To Create Your Own Custom Products

You already create great content. How do you know when it is time to take your brand to the next level?


  • Do you send your followers to Amazon to buy someone else's products ​via affiliate links?
  • Do you rely on brand sponsorships for your income?
  • ​Do you worry about gaining & maintaining traffic to earn ad revenue to monetize your blog? 

    If you answered "Yes!" to any or all of the questions, you're ready to take the next step -- because there's a better way to build your brand awareness and generate revenue.

    • Custom products elevate brand awareness and build brand identity
    • Custom products keep your brand in the hands of your followers
    • They can be used for contests/giveaways and welcome gifts
    • They can be sold and generate revenue


    Who should be selling custom products?

    • Anyone with a couple hundred followers to tens of thousands
    • Anyone with an email list or wanting to build their email list
    • Anyone selling OTHER PEOPLE'S products
    • Anyone who has brands reaching out to promote their products
    • Anyone who gets asked about the products they showcase on social media

    How do I begin?

    The first thing you need to do is STOP sending your followers away to purchase products made by someone else. The only people getting rich off this scenario is Amazon -- and the product you're promoting. (Unless you're making a fortune off the 4% - 8% commission Amazon sets for you... it is time to determine your own profit margin, set your own prices, and build your brand -- not someone else's.

    Think about what goes hand-in-hand with your brand... and then put your brand in the hands of your followers. If you have no idea where to begin, don't worry, I've created an easy checklist to help you hone-in on what products to focus on to get started.

    From Spices to Food Storage Containers, Swedish Dishcloths to Baking Utensils, virtually any product can be created. There is a product that can be created for every budget.


    I've been creating products and building brands since 1994.(Best Ever Backdrops is just one of my own lines. Another brand is protective Hockey apparel and accessories. I created this entire line from concept to product in about 4 months. Check out Hockey Moms Depot.)

    I work with companies large and small to help them create the products they need. Here are a few:

    Whatever you decide, when you create your products, they will represent your brand and your style:

    How much can I make? Is it profitable? 

    Many think you need to make a huge investment or bring over a container of product from overseas. None of this is true.

    You can start out by creating one product -- in as fast as a week, right here in the US. So, yes, it is profitable... and there is no limit on what you can make.



    There are many digital scales you can customize. Let’s use this one as an example.

    Say you want to set a retail price of $22.95.

    Your Cost:  $12.02 x 50 = $601 + set up fee: $60 = $661.

    Retail: $22.95 x 50 = $1147.50

    Your Profit: $486.50... better than selling someone else’s scale for a 4% commission and getting $45.90.

    Whatever you decide, it is far more than a commission from Amazon and it’s YOUR product – customized with your logo.

    Or perhaps you want to create this cool, fun, Confetti spatula:

    Your cost:  $5.50 each x 200 = $1100.

    Set the MSRP price of $12.95 -- which is more than 100% markup. (And it's now branded with your logo.)

    Retail and sell it at $12.95 x 200 = $2590.

    YOUR PROFIT$1490 vs 4% commission: $103.60.

    Take a moment and check out the course I created which teaches you everything you need to know. In this course, I will show you how to:

    • Decide which products are right for your brand.
    • Create your own products with or without holding inventory.
    • Decide if you want to Print on Demand or hold stock... a list of POD suppliers is included so you can decide.
    • Source & manufacture your product.
    • Ship your products with ease... a list of reputable drop shippers is included.
    • Market your own line of products.
    • Use your products for giveaways, contests, & incentives.
    • Keep your brand in the hands of your followers.
    • Stand out from your competition.

    Private Label Brand Academy

    Plus... I've also compiled a 32-page e-book with 101 product ideas you can create easily and affordably... available when you purchase the course.

    Private Label Brand Academy

     If you're still telling yourself...

    Purchase the course: Regularly $99, get the course here for $49 -- half price.

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    Check out a few of my companies, brands, and the products I've created:

    Best Ever Backdrops

    Hockey Moms Depot

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