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About Us

Best Ever Backdrops® was born because of the need for high-quality, affordable, lightweight backdrops that won't break your back -- or the bank.

I was inspired to create a line of photography backdrops because I was tired of watching my photographer and stylist friends lift ridiculously heavy boards and slabs of marble that could qualify them for a gold medal in weightlifting. And yes, the rumors are true: I created the company in 2 weeks… `cause that’s what I do when I’m not working as a television writer and producer. I’ve been creating and manufacturing products since 1994 by my other company HomePlates Worldwide. (If you want to learn how to create your own custom products, here's an overview.)

Best Ever Backdrops® are printed single or double sided (your choice) on a 100% waterproof, 1/8" thick rigid substrate. Virtually indestructible, they're lightweight, easy to clean, and completely stain resistantThey can be stored anywhere so you don't need to build a shed to house them. If you're on the go, you can carry them and shoot anywhere. Durable and long-lasting, they're proudly Made in the USA by HomePlates. 

We're proud to also introduce a line of Vinyl backdrops... printed single or double-sided in a variety of sizes as well as specializing in custom work.

So, here's the thing: you can buy a backdrop from somewhere else that's not waterproof, for more money -- or purchase Best Ever Backdrops® and do what you do best -- create!

Aside from our backdrops, check out the unique accessories and props  page. There's plates and platters curated from textures in the backdrop collection so you can mix & match -- and coordinate your props to make your styling POP even more.

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I think this was one of my best ever brainstorms. I hope you'll agree.




Best Ever Backdrops


Barbara Hobart is a television writer/producer and also a manufacturer of custom products. Aside from creating products for global brands as well as small businesses, she manufacturers accessories and products for the Instant PotLuck collection as well as the products here at Best Ever Backdrops through her company HomePlates Worldwide. (If you want to hear how Instant PotLuck got started, she was invited to get back on stage after 30+ years -- here's the story.)

The manufacturing thing started back in 1994 when Barbara was in LA  puttering around her garage (what she does when she doesn't want to write) and she came up with a fun, new way to decorate light switch covers. (Back then, decorative switchplates weren't even a "thing" much less considered a tangible product.) In 2004, after visiting friends in London, Barbara invented and introduced the first injection-molded decorative light switch cover to the UK -- which required no rewiring, and she launched her company across the pond. A few years later, wanting to leave no continent undecorated, in 2008, HomePlates Switch Covers were introduced to the Australian marketplace.


Since that time, Barbara has expanded her company and creates, develops, manufactures, distributes, and consults with companies large and small to help strengthen their brand identity and awareness through custom products.

Some of her clients include Laura Ashley, British Home Stores, John Lewis Department Store, Aspace, BBC America, Organic Girl, Live Nation, House of Blues, WIC, The Coca Cola Company, The Campbell's Soup Company, Blake Shelton, Netflix, Comcast, Carnival Cruises, Opry Entertainment, Dark Matter Coffee, Gifford’s Ice Cream, and many others.

And yes, she still writes and produces for the stage and television. You can see her latest work: The Quarantine Diaries, a series which started as a fundraiser for The Actors Fund to help those in the entertainment community during Covid19.