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FREE USA SHIPPING (Contig 48) Worldwide Shipping, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s your shipping policy? 

A. FREE standard shipping on all orders to the US, contiguous 48 states.

Q. How soon will I receive my order?

A. You can expect to receive your order in about a week after production begins. We do not guarantee an in-hands date. If there is a date required, please advise so we may check into expedited production or shipping which may result in additional fees.

Q. Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Internationally?

A. YES! We ship Worldwide. 

Please fill out the INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING form and provide us with your address and what you want to order. (Including the surface you want and the size.) We will calculate the shipping costs and send you an invoice for your order.  All international shipments are based not only on weight but dimensional weight according to the courier used.

Q. Will the color of my backdrop match the color I see on my screen?

A. Keep in mind that each computer monitor is calibrated differently. Our collections are calibrated for our professional printers but your monitors are not. However, the images shown on our website are an excellent representation of the product you will receive and we maintain strict quality control on everything we manufacture.

Q. What’s your shipping & return policy?

A. Every order is custom printed. There are no refunds or exchanges unless an order arrives damaged or is defective. 

Q. What if my item arrived damaged or defective?

A.  We’ll fix it! Any item(s) that were received in error or damaged will be reprinted and resent at no charge. We must be notified within 3 days of receipt of your order. Please send a clear image of the damage and if we need to see the item we may ask that it is returned for inspection. All returned product must reference the original order, number, and its original packaging. Contact us by email with a picture and description of the damage and we will provide you with a return address if needed. Upon inspection if the product is not damaged, see the above for the return policy. NOTE: DO NOT DM OR PRIVATE MESSAGE. You must contact us by email.

Q. How are your discounts and promo codes calculated? 

A. Our website accepts one discount or promo code per order. Discounts cannot be combined. The website also calculates automatic discounts when more than one backdrop is purchased. Sometimes this savings is greater than a promo code. Use whichever savings is greater! 

Q. Can I copy/reproduce the images?

A.  No. All content including, but not limited to, images, designs, copy, text, graphics, audio, and video are protected by U.S. and International copyright laws and belong to their respective copyright holders. BUT, you may “Share” or “Like” “Pin” "Tag" or “Tweet” (please do!) our website pages, postings, products, and other marketing materials and advertisements on any and all social media. You may not, copy or reproduce the images and/or designs on any of our products, or use them for resale or to create another product.

Q. How are the products made?

A. Each backdrop is printed on a rigid, yet durable material and we have Vinyl backdrops. Every order is printed custom just for you with your choice of single or double sided. Whichever material you choose, each backdrop is 100% waterproof, stain resistant, and lightweight. Our rigid, hardboard backdrops weigh about a pound, are 1/8" thick, and available in 3 Standard sizes: 24 x 24," 36 x 24," and 46 x 36". The Vinyl Collection is available in 36 x 24 and 36 x 48." Custom sizes are also available from our custom page.

Q. What's the best way to store, clean, and use the backdrops?

A. For our rigid, we suggest you lay them flat, stacked one on top of another, or placed horizontally. You may also use the shipment box to store them. For the vinyl, you can hang them or roll them up. To clean, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use any cleaners or abrasives or rub heavily. Note: Do not put any sort of burners and do not use the backdrops as a cooking surface as they are not heat resistant.

Q. What’s your privacy policy?

A.  We never ever sell your information. You are our customer and we respect your privacy. When you sign up for our newsletter or buy any of our products, you will hear from us and only us.

Q. Who makes Best Ever Backdrops®?

A. Best Ever Backdrops was created and is owned by Barbara Hobart and manufactured by her other company HomePlates Worldwide.

Q. Can I order my own custom printed designs?

A. Yes! For those who want their own exclusive designs, please visit our Custom Orders page. We can print any size and any color or texture of your choice on any surface.