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Choosing the Best Food Backgrounds for Your Photography | Best Ever BackDrops®

As any food photographer knows, the right background can make or break a shot. Backgrounds — especially food backgrounds — set the tone, mood, and style of the photograph. 

Unfortunately, even in the hands of the most talented photographer, a good camera can’t save a shot from a bad background. But a smart food photographer knows exactly how to overcome that obstacle: a reliable source of high-quality food backgrounds. 

What Makes for High-Quality Food Backgrounds?

Finding the right backdrop — one which gives the shot every chance it deserves to be perfect — can be a challenge. At Best Ever BackDrops®, we pride ourselves on making our products the best on the market. 

Want to know all the secrets to a great food background? Here’s what to look for:

Extreme Photorealism

The first thing you need to look for in your food backdrops, above all else, is pristine photorealism. This quality can vary from producer to producer, so it’s important to do your research before buying. Not just any background will do.

Modern DSLR cameras are designed for vibrance and clarity of image, so any image less vivid than the actual environment may not hold up. Take the time to ensure that your background is as real as possible before the shoot; what takes you ten minutes now may save you an hour in the editing room later on.

Stain Resistance

Any industry professional will tell you that product photography can get messy. From wine to makeup, there are just too many substances that can leave permanent stains on your backdrops. Yet, not all backdrops are equal. 

Best Ever BackDrops® offers two kinds of food backgrounds with reliable stain resistance: RIgid and Vinyl, both of which are easy to clean and highly resistant to stains. Substances like wine, makeup, raspberries, and spices all wipe away with ease. Best Ever BackDrops® offers two kinds of food backgrounds with reliable stain resistance: Rigid and Vinyl, both of which are easy to clean and highly resistant to stains. Substances like wine, makeup, raspberries, and spices all wipe away with ease. With reliable stain resistance like this, your investment in a quality food background will last far beyond your current project.


In the same vein, vinyl-based products Apart from resistance to stains, both rigid and vinyl-based backgrounds are excellent for protection against water as well. Just as a food photographer should expect their backdrops to get messy with food materials, they should probably expect them to get wet. 

The key to a quality backdrop is durability; A truly waterproof background will lose none of its luster no matter how many times you rinse it clean. Many products in food photography are marketed as ‘water resistant,’ but even a little bit of damage can undo the illusion of a photorealistic background. When you’re shopping for your next perfect backdrop, look for the safest bet on the market — not just water resistant, but waterproof through and through.


This is one of the areas in which the different qualities you’re looking for — the qualities you need — can begin to butt heads. While certain backdrop materials like marble and wood can be useful, they’re not exactly practical to lug around.

While this may not be a complete deal-breaker on its own, it’s no industry secret that a photographer’s equipment can pile up quickly. Keeping things light, sturdy, and portable is an essential practice of professional food photography. 

At Best Ever BackDrops®, both of our surface options are optimized for portability. The vinyl surface can be hung up or rolled for easy storage. The rigid surface, meanwhile, is just an eighth of an inch thick, weighing in at less than a pound. We’re proud to say that our food backgrounds are optimized not just to be resistant to damage, but lightweight and easy to transport. 

Consistent Availability

Here’s the real kicker: as a food photographer, you’re bound by the requirements of the project at hand. You may not always know when you’re going to need a certain kind of background. The unfortunate truth is that a large number of food background manufacturers only produce in bulk, meaning your options are severely limited by the supply of the season.

At Best Ever BackDrops®, we believe the product should serve the purposes of the photographer — not the other way around. That’s why each of our professional-grade food backgrounds is available year-round. Every single background from Best Ever BackDrops® is affordably printed on-demand for your convenience with the same exceptional quality as always. Not only that, but all of our backdrop products are proudly made right here in the USA.

Discover the Best of the Best

Whether you’re new to food photography or a seasoned professional, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. At Best Ever BackDrops®, we select only the highest quality materials for printing to ensure that your next shoot looks great and runs smoothly. All of our food backgrounds are optimized for photorealism, stain resistance, waterproofing, and portability. And best of all, they’re available to order around the clock. 

Whether you’re an enthusiastic hobbyist or the next industry star, Best Ever BackDrops® has the quality food backgrounds for you. See our offerings today!

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