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Food Photography Backdrops

Food Photography Backdrops

Best Ever Backdrops® was one of the best-ever brainstorms I’ve ever had. I was inspired to create backdrops for food photography because I was tired of watching my photographer and stylist friends lift ridiculously heavy boards that could qualify them for a gold medal in weight lifting.

And yes, the rumors are true: I created the company in two weeks... `cause that's what I do when I'm not working as a television writer/producer. I've been creating, designing, and manufacturing custom products since 1994 by my other company, HomePlates Worldwide.

So, here's how it all started:

Food Photography

I created a blog called Instant PotLuck because when I discovered the InstantPot and created a line of food storage containers to store the mounds of leftovers I made and also wanted to gift and share my food with friends and family. 

I needed good visuals, so I had to hire a product photographer and also a great food photographer to shoot my recipes. I knew little about food photography but I found it really odd to watch those I hired lug around heavy slabs of wood and marble. 

Food Blogging

Wanting to learn more about the world of Food Blogging, I saw there was a course on how to learn more about food photography. I asked one of the photographers what backdrops they'd be using.  They said they didn't want to lug the heavy boards so I offered to create them for the conference.

Custom Products

As I mentioned, I've been creating custom products for companies and brands across the globe since 1994. I knew the surfaces needed to be waterproof, stain resistant, and lightweight. So I created just that. And my new line of photography backdrops launched on May 1, 2019 at the Everything Food Conference Foodie Bootcamp.

I provided the backdrops for the event at no charge... and they were a hit. Everyone loved them. No one could believe how realistic and how lightweight they were... and completely stain resistant.


This gorgeous "Watermelon Pizza" was taken by Brianne Izzo from Cupcakes & Kale Chips:


The amazing commercial food photographer, Skyler Burt of We Eat Together was one of the mentors, truly one of the best photographers - EVER. He's incredibly talented and we teamed up to create a collection of his favorite textures for Best Ever Backdrops.

Check out The Skyler Burt Backdrop Collection hereUse his promo code when ordering: for 2 backdrops = 4 textures for $199: SKY4FORU and for 15% off one item, use SKYLER15 

And the rock-star, goddess Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot was also on hand as a mentor...

The event was a blast and I was thrilled to meet so many amazing bloggers, stylists, and product photographers. 

The original name of my company was Food Blogger Props. Most everyone who attended the event was a food blogger... but there were many other types of bloggers, stylists, and photographers attending the conference who wrote about beauty, travel, fashion, and other areas -- and well, they felt left out.  

Sooooo, on May 17th, sixteen days after they were introduced, I realized the name didn't accurately reflect the company and changed it -- as easily as the backdrops can change the look of your shots.

So now, the name is Best Ever Backdrops® because, well, they are the best ever.

They're a total game changer for everyone in the photography industry and here's why:

Realistic Backdrops for Photography

The one thing I learned is every shot depends on a good surface. I was able to come up with the right combination of what every food and product photographer needs... especially when shooting food: Things spill. Food stains. Here's Best Ever Backdrops solution: 

  • 100% waterproof: Spill anything. No warping, they're virtually indestructible.
  • Hyper-realistic replicas of gorgeous textures that look  exactly like the real thing.
  • Stain resistant:  Go for it! Toss tomato sauce, spill wine or olive oil... smoosh a raspberry -- whatever -- they wipe clean.
  • They're ridiculously lightweight -- throwing a turkey in the oven weighs more.
  • Non-glare surfaces.  
  • Available on 2 surfaces: A rigid, hard surface or vinyl. Both are lightweight and easy to store.
  • Affordable: They won't break the bank... or your back.  
  • YOUR CHOICE: Create your own custom backdrop by selecting your own designs: each backdrop comes with 2 textures. (But you can also purchase single-sided.)
  • FREE shipping in the USA. (Worldwide shipping, too)
  • Always in stock. You will never run into a "sold out" situation. You can purchase anytime. Each backdrop is created especially for you.
  • Available in 3 sizes:  36 x 24" 24 x 24, 46 x 36
  • Custom Sizes also available

People ask me how I do what I do... well, I've been creating products since 1994 for my own line (I invented the first decorative light switch cover that required no rewiring and launched my company in the UK) and that led to my creating products for companies and brands, large and small across the globe ever since.

I also added to the Best Ever Backdrops collection, so check out a variety of props and accessories including non-glare plates and platters, mini-Dutch Ovens, and more... so check them out.

 One thing that hasn't changed: my product and my goal: 

At the get-go, my mission was to eliminate the backbreaking and heavy lifting that shouldn't be a part of a photographer's job description... and I knew there was a better way to make the backdrops that were considered "the norm" in the industry. 

But "the norm" wasn't working -- or acceptable -- or realistic. And I've never followed the norm.

Having been on the manufacturing side as a product developer and inventor of lines for hundreds of companies over the years, I have also invented my own brands and product lines and when when I entered this fun and amazing "foodie world," I saw a problem and a need and came up with an easy way to fix it. 


So, here's what I came up with at the onset -- and it's still my goal:

Instead of one ridiculously heavy board that costs a bloody fortune, or a tiny square board... with Best Ever Backdrops™ you get: FAST, FREE Shipping in the US, (48 contiguous states) or delivered Internationally to your destination.

Nothing is ever out of stock... or out of style.

So -- that's the story. I love the creativity, the joy people get from doing what they love, and I want everyone to succeed. If I can help get you there, I've done my job. 


Join the Private Facebook Group for bloggers, stylists, and photographers and tag @besteverbackdrops on Instagram.

OH!!  And one more thing: I also created a course to help bloggers create their own line of products so they would no longer have to rely on promoting someone else's products through affiliate links.

If you want to learn how to create a product, drop a line. I love to help businesses and bloggers promote themselves and generate revenue by showing them how they can create their own line of custom products -- just as I've been doing for decades. 

Drop me a note if you have questions. I'd love to hear from you.

Barbara Hobart


P.S. And yes, I still write/produce for television.